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ProPave Jointing Compound

ProPave Jointing Compound

ProPave Jointing Compound

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Ultra Tile Fix ProPave External Tile Grout is a high specification, decorative, brush-in external tile jointing solution, suitable for use with granite, porcelain and other premium quality natural stone. The product is available in 3 bespoke colours – cosmic black, natural cashmere and storm grey – the perfect choice for a seamless transition for tiles inside to outside living spaces.

It can be used all year round, in any weather and is suited for use on domestic paving applications or light non trafficable commercial areas. It is used to fill joint widths between 3-20mm. Before using Ultra Tile Fix ProPave External Tile Grout, it is important to understand the installation being considered, the design of the base, the tiles being used and the conditions in which you will be working. Once Ultra Tile Fix ProPave External Tile Grout is cured, it provides jointing between tiles that is permeable, meaning it will allow air and rain water to penetrate through. There are two methods of applying Ultra Tile Fix ProPave External Tile Grout which focus on whether the bedding material below the tiles is permeable (free draining) or whether it is impermeable (non-draining).

Ultra Tile Fix ProPave is an air cured product. In good drying conditions (20°C / 65% rh) and where water is free draining, Ultra Tile Fix ProPave will firm up in approximately 24-48 hours, sufficient to accommodate foot traffic. It will continue to harden over the next 28 days. The rate of cure is dependent on both temperature and residual moisture. Application in conditions of poor drainage, where water lingers in the joint and freezing conditions, will delay curing of the product. Once the water has dried away from the joint, curing will re-commence.

Technical Data:
Density: 1,80g/cm3
Joint width: 3-20mm
Minimum joint depth: 20mm minimum depth, deeper depth will increase strength of the jointing compound
Coverage: Joint width x joint depth: 8-9.5m² based on a tile size of 450mm x 450mm x 25mm (depth) for an 8mm joint gap.
Working time at 20ºC: 35-45 minutes
Working temp: 3ºC to 35ºC
Walk on time: 24-48 hours (dry, ambient conditions with free draining base)